Chicken Frenzy

A fun game in the line drawing genre by combining great physics, cute cartoony graphics and frantic gameplay!

Something has happened to the chicken food, and now the chickens produce eggs faster than almost anyone can handle. Only the sheriff himself, Badger, can fix this!

As we all know, the only way to handle eggs is with a lasso. Luckily, the sheriff happens to be a ropeslinger extraordinaire. He uses his rope to guide the eggs safely into the baskets in this frantic and unique game in the line drawing genre!


- More than 60 fun and challenging levels
- Tons of variety; obstacles, frogs, bouncy eggs, and even dinosaurs..
- Amazing and cute cartoony graphics with lots of personality
- Great physics
- Intuitive controls
- iPhone 5 support

Produced by Mandelform

Some of you might have noticed that Chicken Frenzy was originally released by Mandelform Studios back in 2011. But ever since Mandelform and Color Monkey became one in the fall 2012 it is now part of the ever expanding Color Monkey portfolio. Anders Mårtensson who is the owner of Mandelform is now part of the Color Monkey family and will continue to bring life to exiting games and other apps like Chicken Frenzy.

The graphics in Chicken Frenzy are designed by Jesper Willumsen, and we are very proud to have a game with his unique style in our portfolio.


"a surprising degree of variation and that
keeps the game fresh from stage to stage”




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